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No contracts. No developments.

We don't do contracts, upfront purchases and deliveries or complicated registration processes. Our process is easy and with no integration or development needed, you will be ready to start accepting online payments in minutes.

Online payments for offline businesses.

Krowdbox Payments supports every type of business looking to take advantage of relevant but cost-effective technology to improve their payment options, reduce admin and grow their business.

With Krowdbox Payments, it doesn't matter the stage of your business or whether you have a website or not. We have developed specific solutions that will allow you to receive and track online payments for invoices, a specific product or service, overdue accounts or just get paid from anyone.

Safe. Convenient. Simple to use.​



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Krowdbox is the perfect tool to simplify your payments and collections process, saving hours each month to focus on your clients.

Tsupane, Johannesburg

About us

We exist to ‘build and launch practical solutions that will open up the financial system to the broader market’.

As a newbie in the online payments block, we may not have all the credentials of existing players but we are relentless in achieving our goal to enable online payments for offline startups, small or growing businesses and sidepreneurs. Our approach at Krowdbox is to simplify existing payments methods, introduce new options and improve tracking of payments, all through the cellphone.


Together let's grow your business.