Take your organisation to the next level.

Improve your existing payment process

No need to keep sending bank account details and manually checking bank statements to track payments. With our platform, you can make payments easier for your customers and improve tracking for yourself.


Expand your payment options

As a small or growing business, you are always looking for ways to improve sales. With Krowdbox Business, you can expand your payment options to include laybys or credit sales and manage the payment process with ease.

Appreciate and reward your customers differently

Your customers shouldn't just see themselves as a number in your business. Appreciating your customers and rewarding them for being faithful to your brand should be a norm. With Krowdbox, you can setup cash rewards to appreciate your customers, giving them immediate gratification and flexibility.

Small and growing businesses



Manage your fundraising process better

Fund raising is a critical component for FBOs and NGOs. With Krowdbox, you can setup fund raising for specific projects and track contributions. And if you are getting pledges from sponsors or members, you can setup each pledge, provide each person with their unique payment link and track payments.

Improve your welfare payments

You can use Krowdbox to effectively send, track and manage cash gifts to beneficiaries who require welfare or support.

Faith based or non-governmental organisations


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