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Invoice Payment vs. QuickPay.

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

If you are still wondering the difference between our Invoice payment link and the QuickPay link, this will really help you.

Invoice payment link.

Our invoice payment solution allows you to generate a unique link which you can use to receive payments from a specific customer and for a specific amount. It also allows you to extend payment options by offering up to 12 months to pay the due amount.

To setup, click on Invoice payment in the Krowdbox app menu, enter the customer details including amount to pay and expiry date of the link. The app will automatically send your customer an email and sms with the link to make payment. Simple and easy. All that is left is for you to monitor progress on your dashboard.

QuickPay link.

QuickPay is a generic payment link that allows you to accept payments from anyone, at anytime. Unlike the invoice payment solution, QuickPay is not linked to a specific customer, product or amount.

To setup, click on QuickPay in the Krowdbox app menu, create and name the link and set its expiry date. Share the link with your customers through your preferred media whenever they need to pay you. Simple and easy. What’s more, you can create as many QuickPay links as you requir depending on your needs.

Go ahead and create your transaction.

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